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A Colour Atlas of Meat Inspection

A Colour Atlas of Meat Inspection is available to download free in pdf / epub format.

A Colour Atlas of Meat Inspection

This book provides a unique record of thousands of anti- and post- mortem examinations, covering a period of over 25 years. A Color Atlas of Meat Inspection is a practical guide filled with more than 850 full color photographs. This fascinating work focuses on the pathological conditions which are most likely to in be found the course of day-to-day meat inspection. The photos have captions which identify the species, the body parts or viscera involved, and the diagnosis of the pathology. Also provided are concise descriptions of the relevant pathological changes found in the specimens. This atlas is essential reading for meat inspectors, veterinary surgeons, enviornmental health officers, butchers, and all those involved in the meat processing industry. It will also prove valuable to anyone involved with animal pathology.

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