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Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry by Kurt Faber

Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry by Kurt Faber is available to download free in pdf / epub format.

Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry by Kurt Faber

The use of biocatalysts as enzymes and/or whole cells, offers a remarkable arsenal of highly selective transformations in preparative organic chemistry. A large number of synthetically useful reactions can be catalyzed by enzymes in a highly selective manner. This book pinpoints the chemo-, region- and stereo selective transformations which have been shown to be most useful as an alternative to the already existing methods for stereo selective synthesis. The types of reaction covered inter alia are: hydrolysis-condensation, redox-reactions, addition-elimination, carbon-carbon bond formation, halogenation, etc. Special techniques, such as enzyme-immobilization and the use of biocatalysts in organic solvents are introduced to the newcomer. This is the first approach to provide a condensed introduction into this field written from the viewpoint of an organic chemist. This professional reference book on Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry is aimed at graduate students in Organic Chemistry and Biotechnology, scientists and professionals who want to use the powerful synthetic tool of enzymes for modern preparative organic chemistry.

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