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Foundations of Organic Chemistry – Course Guidebook

Foundations of Organic Chemistry – Course Guidebook is available to download free in pdf / epub format.

Foundations of Organic Chemistry –  Course Guidebook

In this course, you will investigate the role of carbon in organic molecules—sometimes acting as a reactive site on molecules, sometimes influencing reactive sites on molecules, but always providing structural support for an ever-growing library of both naturally occurring and man-made compounds Other elements will join the story, bonding with carbon scaffolds to create compounds with a stunningly broad array of properties. Most notable are the elements hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, chlorine, and bromine. The presence of these elements and others in organic chemistry spices up the party, but none of them can replace carbon in its central role.

The goal of this course is to take the uninitiated student on a tour of the development and application of the discipline of organic chemistry, noting some of the most famous minds to dedicate themselves to this science in the past few centuries, such as Dmitry Mendeleev of periodic table fame, Friedrich Wohler – the father of modem organic chemistry, and Alfred Nobel the inventor of dynamite and founder of the most influential scientific prize in the history of humanity.

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