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Organic Molecular Solids

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Organic Molecular Solids

There are several reasons for this development. First of all, there is the enormous diversity of properties typical of organic solids, such as long-distance energy conduction via exactions without electric-charge transport. Research into the physical properties of organic solids, especially those containing conjugated pi-electron systems, has developed into an active and attractive sub-area of solid-state physics over the last few decades. With the powerful methods of organic chemistry, it is possible to vary these properties over wide ranges with ”tailor-made” molecules. Secondly, new applications are under development, such as organic light-emitting diodes and novel molecular electronics, which supplement electronic components based on inorganic semiconductors. Finally, organic solids represent a link between traditional physics and biological physics: Organic solid-state physics has made important contributions to the clarification of the elementary processes of photosynthesis.

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