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Vaccines for Veterinarians – 2021

Vaccines for Veterinarians – 2021 is available to download free in pdf / epub format.

Vaccines for Veterinarians – 2021

Both a theoretical text and a practical handbook, Vaccines for Veterinarians is the first of its kind to bring the basic science of animal vaccination and the practical details of vaccine use together in one single volume. From the first chapter on the history of vaccination and the triumph of rinderpest eradication to the last chapter on the rapidly emerging field of cancer vaccines, this book offers a truly comprehensive grounding in established and emerging vaccines for both major and minor species. Specific topics include viral vectored vaccines, DNA-plasmid vaccines, RNA vaccines, reverse vaccinology, the complexities of adjuvant use, vaccine failures and adverse events, vaccine production and regulation, robotic vaccination machines, contraceptive and production-enhancing vaccines, and so much more. At a time when resistance to human vaccination is receiving much publicity, this evidence-based book is the ideal counter to ill-informed speculation ? serving as a timely reminder that vaccination is essential for the control of infectious diseases in animals.

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